Light, camera, action

Last day of October and there was so much going on outside.

Though the nasturtium foliage has been shredded by the voracious cabbage white caterpillars, their flowers are still brilliant, bringing bees and hover flies to my door.
carder bee on Nasturtium yellow
Common carder bee on nasturtium flower

carder bee on Nasturtium red
Possibly a tree bee – new to the UK since the turn of the millennium

This brilliance extends through the garden and the shadows thrown by the low sun only seem to enhance it – bright yellow fig leaves, butter and pink coral bark maple, rust and vermillion and yellow grape, gold and orange nine bark.

fig leaves

fig leaves

Nine bark

Nine bark

Vine leaves

Vine leaves

Aralia leaves

Aralia leaves

Delicate pinks come from Nerine, Schizostylis and Cyclamen, Viburnum tinus and x bodnantense ‘Dawn’ and an unknown hydrangea. Deeper pinks from Telephium ‘Autumn Joy’ and Schizostylis coccinea.

Telephium 'Autumn Joy'

Telephium ‘Autumn Joy’

schizostylis coccinea

hydrangea flower

Euphorbia mellifera and the webs of the garden spiders catch the dew.
Euphorbia mellifera

garden spider web with dew

The garden spider keeps on spinning – maybe she knows its hallowe’en.

Garden spider spinning

Garden spider spinning


About Katherine Price

My creative non-fiction has been published by Litro, Caught by the River, The Clearing and Earthlines. My short fiction by the Lampeter Review and Worcester Literary Festival's Flashes of Fiction. I wrote 'Kew Guide' (2014) for the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. I wrote 'Get Plants: how to bring green into your life' (2017) for Kew Publishing and my writing about plants and gardens has been published in The Plantsman, The Alpine Gardener and the English Garden. I worked as a gardener at Kew for ten years and I am currently writing a novel. I live in Twickenham, a suburb of south west London. @wildsuburban
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