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2015: thrice the kingfisher

I saw kingfishers along the river Crane three┬átimes this year. Each time I thought I’d burst. It’s amazing they’re thriving, given that the river has suffered four big ‘pollution incidents’ in the last four years.* The first glimpse of ice … Continue reading

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Time, tree planting and commuting with birds: hymn to suburbia

This year I have lived a full half century. My children have grown up and left. For the first time in my life I’m living entirely on my own. It’s bloody lovely, this freedom, but I do find myself staring into space. A lot. And if I look back? Blimey, I’m thinking in decades, not in years. Continue reading

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Clatter of corvids on a blustery day

I walk my neighbours’ dog Harry when I can. He’s about four I think, not the sharpest tool in the box, but quite polite and incurious as dogs go, and good undemanding company. We always head for the river. It’s … Continue reading

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Parallax regained: a glimpse of no man’s land

Sensing the ancient heathland under the suburban sprawl Continue reading

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